13 things you need to know about Regina Daniels

Over the last two years, Regina Daniels has become one of the celebrities fans seek to know more about.

The one-time child actor became a news item after her marriage to a 59-year-old politician and legal practitioner, Ned Nwoko, in July 2019.

Daniels has since grabbed fame and headlines with every move while amassing more fans.

In 2019, she featured in two Nollywood movies – ‘The Enemy I know’ and ‘Merry Men 2’.

Here are 13 details about Regina Daniels you probably don’t know until now.

1. Crush

Regina confirmed her crush to be Grammy-nominated singer, Burna Boy, in a video interview in 2019.

2. Middle name

Not many people know but Regina Daniels is fondly called Mummy or Nne Amaka (mother’s beautiful) by her mum, Rita Daniels.

3. Shoe size

If you wonder what shoe size Regina wears, well, we can tell you for free that it’s 41/42.

4. Eye colour

Regina sure has a way of melting hearts with her beautiful and sultry looks but in case you don’t know, her eye colour is Brown.

5. Biggest fear

The 6 million followers of Regina Daniels on Instagram sure know that she’s a confident young lady. However, she has her fears and the biggest of them all is losing her loved ones.

6. Favourite sport team

The young Regina swims and plays lawn tennis for recreation but her favourite sports team remains the English football club, Manchester United.

7. Favourite colour

It will not only surprise you but also shock you to know that Regina has no favourite colours.

8. Best Friend

One person, whom Regina says she trusts most in the world is her big brother, Sammy. However, her best friend and trusted pal is known as Cassie.

9. Scars 

When next you see Regina, take a quick look at her knees and you will find a scar on her left knee. It’s the only scar on her body and she got the scar when she got injured while skating.

10. Preferred alcohol drink 

It will interest you to know that Regina Daniels doesn’t drink alcohol. She prefers her water or soda (soft drinks).

11. Day or Nightcrawler 

When asked, Regina Daniels confessed to being a Nightcrawler. Her Insta-stories tells it all.

12. Second Chances 

Not sure if Regina will ask for a second chance from anyone but when asked if she gives second chances, she blurted, ‘Hell No!’

13. Tattoos

Regina Daniels has at least 7 visible tattoos on her body. The tattoos, which are situated on different parts of her body which include her neckline, arm, wrist, and shoulder include drawings of a butterfly, small cross, heartbeat rate, forever 16, heart shape, infinity sign, and a nautical star.


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