Adron Homes Ileya Repete Promo: Convert your chances of owning a home

Don’t Sleep on your Chances of owning a Home; It’s your turn to Re-write Your Story and Change your Status with Adron Homes

We are yet again in that season called ‘Ileya’ meaning ‘Home Coming’ or ‘Time To Go Home’. For those who don’t have a home they are going to, Adron Homes and Properties is giving you a lifeline and a rare opportunity to change your status and rewrite your story with the ongoing ‘Adron Homes Ileya Repete’ Promo.

With Adron Ileya Repete Promo, Your Dream of Becoming a Landlord is sure to become a reality. With an instalment payment plan, you will have the opportunity to enjoy 30%, 40%, and 50% discounts off on all our landed properties across the country from; Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ekiti, Niger, Nasarawa and Abuja. Not only that; you get to win mouthwatering gifts like; rams, goats, rechargeable fans, home theatres, water dispensers, electric kettles, refrigerators, food processors, vacuum cleaners, bags of rice, cooking oil, gas burners, mini food packs, washing machines, deep freezers, smart TVs, generators and a whole lots of other prizes from us.

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