Adron Homes renews commitment as Sallah promo continues

Adron Homes Sallah Promo is Still Ongoing

Are you a chief tenant in that apartment and you are yet to own a landed property to build your own?

Are you a tenant who will like to change status from a tenant to a landlord?

Are you tired of your landlord’s constant disturbance and change in rent?

Are you interested in staying in one of the most serene and well-structured estates without the disturbance of land grabbers and urchins?

Relief is here for you. You can key into the Adron Homes Sallah Repete Promo with a mouthwatering discount and seamless payment plan for all customers. With Adron homes, customers will be given 30%, 40% and 50% discounts on all land purchased, with the balance spread for 30 months for premium estates littered across the country, including  Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ekiti, Niger, Nasarawa and Abuja.

Just like the popular adage which says; you cannot eat your cake and have it; but with Adron Homes, you can eat it and still have your cake. When you make a down payment, you are qualified to win lots or prizes like; rams, goats, rechargeable fans, home theatres, water dispensers, electric kettles, refrigerators, food processors, vacuum cleaners, bags of rice, cooking oil, gas burners, mini food packs, washing machines, deep freezers, smart TVs, generators and a whole lots of prizes.

There are many more prices to be won and referral benefits if you refer someone to Adron Homes Estate during this Sallah period.

Visit any Adron home office in any location nearer to you or contact us via our social media handles for enquiry on how to purchase and become a house owner within 24months to 48months.

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