Africa StarX: Reality TV show organisers visit Little Saint Orphanage

Organisers of sports oriented reality TV show, Africa Star X, have visited the Little Saint Orphanage ahead of the show launch.

As the organisers seek to find X with an unveiling event on August 30, 2022, the team decided to give back to the community with a visit to an Orphanage and a school in Lagos recently.

The team, represented by the Project Lead, Omotayo Henry Adeniyi, Head Admin, Philip Braide and Chimeka Amarachukwu, visited the Little Saints Orphanage with food items.

Africa Star X team visit orphanage
Africa Star X team visit orphanage

The team also visited Bright Achievers School, in Bariga, Lagos with books and cash token support.

Africa StarX is poised to give platform to aspiring achievers, especially those limited by resources, with mouth watering rewards which includes cash, engagements and collage scholarship.

Beyond finding X, Africa StarX is a brand that has promised to develop talents and nurture the talents to global stage.

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