Ambassador Tamuno seeks collaboration with AGN on Abuja Film Village

The GMD/CEO of Abuja Investments Company Limited, Maureen Tamuno, recently hosted the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and representatives from the Nollywood industry in a courtesy call aimed at fostering collaboration to realize the Abuja Film Village vision.

At the meeting, Tamuno highlighted the importance of the proposed partnership in boosting the cultural and economic landscape of Abuja.

During the meeting, Tamuno expressed gratitude for the visit and emphasized AICL’s commitment to supporting the creative industry as a pivotal part of Abuja’s development strategy.

The Abuja Film Village project is a visionary initiative designed to create a thriving hub for film production and entertainment in the heart of Nigeria. By bringing together the expertise and creativity of Nollywood with the strategic planning and investment capabilities of AICL, this collaboration aims to elevate the Nigerian film industry to new heights and position Abuja as a premier destination for filmmakers and audiences alike.

In her remarks, she said “the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood has been a beacon of creativity and cultural expression, it has not only entertained millions but has also provided employment and fostered economic growth. It is my hope that we take this industry to new heights through strategic collaboration and investment.”

According to her, AFV project is a significant part of the AICL’s vision, and the meeting is an opportunity to explore how combined efforts can lead to the actualization of the mandate to build a one-stop-shop for film and entertainment in Abuja.

The AGN delegation, led by its President Emeka Rollas, expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership, recognizing its potential to advance the film industry’s infrastructure and global standing. They acknowledged AICL’s crucial role in fostering a creative and thriving environment.

Some of the actors at the meeting include Zack Orji, Monalisa Chinda, Benedict Johnson, Abubakar Yakubu, Dr. Jerry Amilo.

Others are Apostle Sydney Diala, Mercy Salma Aminu, Rekiya Ibrahim Alfa, Eboh Steve, Okodia, among others.

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