AVRS fulfills obligations, shares royalties to members

The Audio Visual Rights Society of Nigeria (AVRS) has announced the distribution of copyright royalties to its esteemed members for the year 2023.

AVRS has maintained a consistent record of distributing royalties to its members over the past three years.

As the sole collective management organization for audiovisual works in Nigeria, AVRS is dedicated to protecting the rights of its members, including producers, directors, screenwriters, and performers (actors), ensuring they receive equitable compensation for their creative contributions and investments.

AVRS remains steadfast in its commitment to providing comprehensive copyright licensing solutions to users of audiovisual works nationwide.

Through diligent management and strategic partnerships, AVRS fulfils its obligations and cultivates a flourishing ecosystem for the audiovisual industry in Nigeria.

In light of this recent distribution, AVRS urges all its members across the country to update their works and account details with the organization.

This crucial step ensures seamless and accurate royalty distribution, enabling members to fully benefit from their works.

Members are encouraged to promptly update their information to facilitate efficient payment processing.

Furthermore, AVRS calls upon all users of audiovisual works across the country who have not yet complied with copyright licensing requirements to do so without delay.

The unauthorized use of works in AVRS’s repertoire constitutes copyright infringement.

According to the Nigerian Copyright Act, individuals or entities who, without the owner’s consent, communicate or make works available to the public for commercial purposes are liable to fines or imprisonment.


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