Bandits release head boy of Bethel Baptist High School

Bandits have released the Head boy of Bethel Baptist High School students, who had vowed never to leave the kidnappers’ until all the abducted students regain their freedom.

However, the Head boy became seriously ill and had to be released so as to get treatment.

Speaking to a select group of journalists in Kaduna on Friday, the Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria ( CAN), Kaduna State chapter, Rev.Joseph John Hayab, said ”people don’t know that 4 of our children are still with the bandits but 2 days ago the bandits released one boy out of the 4 Bethel Baptist High School students that are with them.

“Actually, they released the Head boy because he had refused to come back in all the releases. That boy is worth celebrating. If at his age he can display that kind of leadership, we are so Impressed.”

ALL NEWS reports that bandits had invaded Bethel Baptist High School, Damishi, Kaduna and abducted 121 students, on July 5, 2021.

The students have since been released in batches by the bandits.

with the latest development,  six batches of students, totaling 118 had been released, including those, who escaped from captivity.

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