BBNaija Lockdown: Designer says the garden posed a challenge

Six days after the commencement of the BBNaija Lockdown, the designer behind the interior design of the house has revealed her most challenging area of the house.

Designed by Olajumoke Ogunnaike, the young creative behind Lefteye’s Signatures, the house has been widely and hugely commended by several viewers across the continent.

The new season of BBNaija has returned to overwhelming acclaim, with many praising the attention to detail and vibrancy in the design aesthetic. Ogunnaike once again sits at the creative helm and we sit with her to find out what makes her tick creatively, and what her experience has been working on Africa’s biggest television production.

Describe your experience working on BBNaija last season?

BBNaija Lockdown garden area

Without mincing words, every work comes with its own challenge. The experiences and challenges faced during other projects we’ve handled made us better prepared and made our work experience much easier talking about handling the pressure that came with the BBNAIJA – Pepper them project. To add to this, there was a positive energy around me from the Red Pepper team that gave me the yes, I can vibe.

What was the most tasking/challenging design you worked on in the house this season?

The most tasking and challenging design I worked  on in the house is still the garden area; the time it took to complete the beautiful mural, being at mother nature’s mercy and praying several  times that the rain seizes also at this period coordinating about 20 of my team members  on a particular wall with me not having control over the the weather and with a slim time line counting down got to me… but I’m glad we pulled through

Jumoke Ogunnaike
Jumoke Ogunnaike is the interior designer behind BBnaija Lockdown

What should viewers expect in terms of art design of the House?

Just as our viewers were pleasantly surprised on the season before, they should equally get ready to be awed with the ambiance and warmth the Big Brother Naija house brings this season. This time we decided to keep it simple and soft and I’m sure it will be a pleasing feed-back. 

When given a project, what is your creative and work process?

BBNaija Lockdown Lounge
BBNaija Lockdown Lounge

Put in its simplest form, I would say it’s a succession of thoughts and actions leading to original final production; We get the brief, plan, delegates, and get the job done but the most interesting part is birthing fresh ideas during a work process. It just comes effortlessly, and we go with the flow.

What impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on your business?

Just as it has its downsides, it also had a positive effect. When we sensed that the drop in demand for our services was solely because clients were scared of the pandemic and high on safety from the team we put on our projects, we had to up our standards and got appropriate PPE kits to keep both the team and our clients safe in their haven.

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