BBNaija Shine Ya Eye: Pere, JMK, Maria, get a strike each over microphone infringement

Big Brother has punished three of the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemates for flouting the house rules.

The three housemates punished by Big Brother with a strike each for flouting the house rules are Maria, Pere, and JMK.

For their punishment, the three housemates are barred from the Head of House enjoyments and tasks for two weeks. The three housemates are barred from visiting the HOH lounge, from enjoying immunity, and enjoying Veto save.

The housemates were punished for microphone infringements, particularly from speaking in a whisper, speak in codes, obstruct microphones, remove microphones to speak, speaking in hush tones and through their teeth.

Big Brother said some housemates have decided to test his patience and see what he can do. He also said housemates are not permitted to destroy or damage the microphones as some level of carelessness will not be permitted.

JMK was punished for entering the Jacuzzi with her microphone and will be punished according to article 19. Maria and Pere were punished for speaking in hush tones and whispering.

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