BBNaija’s JMK speaks on housemates, 21 days experience on show

JMK, the seventh evicted housemate from the ongoing BBNaija Shine Ya Eye house is one of the popular housemates that trended like wildfire in and outside the house. In a tell it all interview with THE NATION, the trained lawyer narrated her 21-days experience in the house, her friendship with Angel, and closeness with Angel amidst other issues.

You were quite close to Angel while in the house, what would be your reaction if you were in the house when the Boma and Angel fight occurred?
I would be mad. I would be livid and it would definitely have been the two of us that would come for Boma, we would have finished him. I would have insulted him and put him in his place because I don’t appreciate bullies, I don’t appreciate people, who disrespect you because they think they are older than you. So, I felt very bad for Angel and I felt if I was probably there, I would have probably consoled her when she was crying because at that point, it looked as if she didn’t have anybody of her own when it happened.
How would you define Boma’s personality having lived with him in the same house for 29 days?
Boma strikes me as someone who thinks he’s above everyone just because he’s older. He doesn’t strike me as a genuine person, he’s just someone that I have gotten to know the kind of person he was and so I just avoided him and gave him space. He’s not someone I want to be friends with because he gossips a lot and he lies.
Share the experience of your 21 days in the house
Well, my first week was a bit rocky because I went through a lot of emotional rollercoasters. I found it hard to settle in and blend in, I wasn’t comfortable in the house the first week, then the second week came, that was when I started blending in and started having friends and started enjoying the whole process. Then the third week also had its own ups and downs because a lot happened all at once but regardless of everything, I am happy I went through the process. It’s been an experience which I have learned from and it has helped me realise that there is so much more to me than I know and I’m grateful for the platform and experience.
You actually got some highlights from the Saturday Night Parties and jacuzzi parties, tell me about it all
Prior to being in the house, I have always been someone who enjoys music and when it was time to party, I boogie down. I just brought my personality into the house. I always enjoy dancing and I guess that’s why I had highlights at the parties.

Jumoke Adedoyin

All through your stay in the house, only a few housemates got close to you, what actually happened?
I feel it’s just the same thing that happens when you are the new one in school and you feel out of place and the older people feel you shouldn’t be there or something. It’s normal, it’s more like they evicted their friends and brought me in. Even then, they were also observing me to know if Biggie sent me into the house to spy or play a game on them which is understandable. But as I said, only a few people understood me and connected with only a few but it’s all good, I guess we were just acquaintances with others.
Tell me about your crush on Cross and your closeness with Whitemoney and Yousef
There’s really not much to tell. I actually didn’t have a crush on Cross, the context in which that was used was misinterpreted but those men were all amazing men, they were cool and were nice to me, that was what got me close to them. And they were funny too, especially Whitemoney and Cross, they are actually funny people and I love to laugh, so we just go along so well.
But Yousef opened up on how he felt about you after your eviction, same for Whitemoney…
Well, I can’t really speak for Whitemoney but I am not one to assume except when it is expressly stated to me but Whitemoney and I were pretty close and for me, it was more like friendship but whatever happens, we will see when till then but I don’t see love in there. For Yousef, I don’t see anything past friendship even outside the house.
What brought about the idea of a certified lawyer to go in for BBNaija?
For me, it was more like when you see an opportunity, you grab it. Again, I don’t think my law degree should hinder me from doing everything and anything I choose to do. So, I saw the opportunity and went for it and I have no regrets whatsoever.
What was the reaction like from your family and folks when you informed them about your decision to participate in the show?

BBNaija's JMK
BBNaija’s JMK

My family had their reservations, I am not going to lie about it, especially my dad, he had his reservations at first but later he came around. And my family have been so supportive, they have remained my backbone and I just can’t thank them enough. And my mum had always watched the show, so she was so happy that I participated.
Why did you think you were evicted?
I don’t think there’s any concrete reason for it. At the end of the day, everybody is going to be evicted but it’s just that, I felt like my time coming to the show was a bit late, so I felt like I was a safe choice for the housemates, who just ‘who know what, she can go, she just came’ because they all like had their personal relationships already. So as I said, it was a safe choice and I don’t feel any resentment towards them. It’s all part of the game anyways.
What do we expect from you after the show?
Well, a lot. You all should expect a lot from JMK. Expect my foundation and NGO to be launched. The foundation clamours for women rights and girl-child rights and also women empowerment. I will also be pursuing my masters and TV show hosting.

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