BBTitans: MMeli has emerged first Head Of House

24-year-old model and content creator has emerged the first Head of the BBTitans Zikhayala Wahala edition House.

Mmeli emerged after all the 20 housemates gathered at the arena for the ‘Head of House’ game on the first official day of the game.

As requested by Biggie, Mmeli chose law student Ipeleng to be his deputy.

In the same vein, Khozi emerged the first tail of House for the maiden edition of BBTitans. She was rewarded with a tail that must be worn throughout the week.

It was a game of art design with instructions to determine the first HoH in the BBTitans Zikhayala Wahala edition. Each of the housemates had an allotted time to replicate the design using cardboard.

The housemates were divided into two – 10 male and 10 female. The female took turns in participating in the HoH game at the kick-off and Olivia from Nigeria came first while Jenni O came second to qualify for the second round. The two Nigerians edged five South African and three Nigerian female housemates out of the game. For the Male team, Mmeli came first and Lukay came second to qualify for the second round. The two South Africans edged five Nigerians and three South African male housemates out of the game. For the second round, Olivia, Jenni O, Mmeli, and Lukay entered a dice throwing game and the housemate with the highest number tallies won the competition. Biggie further threw a twist into the game by ensuring the finalists rolled the dice simultaneously and only once. Mmeli got six, Jenni O got two, Olivia got five, and Lukay got six.

Mmeli eventually won the game and has immunity from the first eviction. However, the HoH will use his Veto power to save one housemate, who was nominated for eviction on Sunday, January 22. Biggie also encouraged the housemates to beg HoH to save them from eviction.

With this development, Mmeli makes history as the first HoH in the history of BBTitans and heads the House into the first week’s task and activities.

Earlier in their first official day in the BBNaija house, Biggie reminded the 20 housemates that they’re in competition with the launch of the first Head of House challenge in the season.

Biggie also announced that treats given to HoH can only be enjoyed in the Head of House lounge and must not be taken out.

As usual, the Head of House (HoH) title comes with some extra privileges. Mmeli gets to sit on the throne-like HoH chair, gets information directly from Big Brother and reads out the day’s task to the other housemates.

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