Bella Disu: 3 things you probably didn’t know about Mike Adenuga’s daughter

Not many people know intimate details about Bella Disu, Globacom boss, Dr. Mike Adenuga’s first daughter.

33-year-old Bella is not one that cuts media attention, hence, only a few and close family members know intimate details about her.

Here are three intimate things many do not know about the woman, who sits as the executive vice-chairman of Globacom, and a non-executive director of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc in Nigeria.

1. Love for piano

Not many people know that Bella has a penchant for playing the piano. ANN gathered that the wife of Jameel Disu began learning how to play the piano at a young age and mastered the art before completing her education at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her favourite hymn song is ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ and she plays the hymn to the admiration of her family and guests at the Adenuga Family Christmas Dinner. She also plays occasionally to make herself happy.

2. The bag story at age 9

Only Bella’s immediate brothers and sister will remember a story about her school bag at the age of 9. Bella had told her billionaire dad that she wanted a new bag but the telecom guru refused to buy her a new school bag. Bella then decided to cut her bag just to get her to wish but Dr. Adenuga stood his ground and insisted that she got the bag repaired.

3. Documenting every age since she turned 25

Only close aides and few family members understand why Bella’s birthday has been different for almost a decade. Since she left the higher institution, Bella had always gone the extra mile to document every age. She’s been documenting her years in life since she was 25 and every birthday counts. The beautiful Mrs. Disu keeps track of the changes in her life as she grows older. To this end, her birthday had always had a filmmaker, Gini, documenting her life in video.

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