BETWGB provides youth employment with ‘OmoAdugbo Arena’

BetWGB, a prominent betting company has headlined its commitment to bridge the youth unemployment gap with the launch of an innovative initiative called ‘OmoAdugbo.’

The unveiling of the initiative which recently took place in Oyingbo, Lagos, is aimed at providing support to the government in addressing the high rate of unemployment among youths across the nation.

Under the ‘OmoAdugbo’ initiative, BetWGB will provide an outlet in each local government across the country to serve as the company’s contact office within the local area. This strategic move will not only create employment opportunities for the teeming youths across the country but also streamline the company’s operations in each of the regions.

By establishing these outlets across the country, BetWGB Nigeria aims to impact positively on the local economy and bridge the unemployment gap that has affected many young Nigerians. With a focus on ensuring accessibility and convenience, the company’s contact offices will serve as a hub for various administrative and operational activities of the company.

Thus, this initiative represents a significant effort in addressing the pressing issue of unemployment in Nigeria. By taking decisive action and working in collaboration with the government, BetWGB hopes to contribute to the growth and development of the nation’s workforce.

The company’s representative, Beecroft Adedeji Adedamola, said the ‘OmoAdugbo’ initiative is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility strategies to give back to the society and assist the government in tackling the high rate of unemployment in the country.

“The plan is to establish ‘OmoAdugbo’ centers in every local government area, offering employment opportunities to youths within the community.”

Beecroft added: “These centers will not only serve as contact offices for the brand but will also function as hubs of economic activities. The idea is to create a network of centers where local youths can find employment and contribute to the growth and development of their communities.”

While speaking at the recent launch of the iniative, Bello Adisa Mukaila, the coordinator of ‘OmoAdugbo’ Oyingbo Center, expressed his enthusiasm about the initiative and the unique opportunity it portends for the youths in the area. He noted that all the staff members are residents of the community, which does not only gives them a reliable source of income but also instills a sense of responsibility to contribute to their society.

Coming at a time when unemployment remains a formidable challenge in Nigeria, initiatives like ‘OmoAdugbo’ serve as a strategic tool to curb youth restiveness when concerted efforts from both the private sector and the government can lead to tangible solutions.

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