Bisola Aiyeola says Angel is a big baby and child on The Buzz

Toke Makinwa broke down all the happenings on the penultimate week of BBNaija Shine Ya Eye on the brand new episode of Showmax’s The Buzz.

This week, she had three guests join her on the show. After a hilarious time on a previous episode, media personality Nedu Wazobia and YouTuber Glory Elijah returned to entertain Showmax viewers. Former BBNaija housemate and entertainer Bisola Aiyeola also joined them in discussing everything that went on during Week 9 in Biggie’s house.

Week Nine’s Highlight On The Buzz

Former BBNaija housemate, Bisola Aiyeola, joined Toke as her first guest to break down the week’s highlights. She started by talking about the selection of housemates this year. She said they are somewhat calm, engaging and have had highs and lows. She also added that the housemates seem safe because they’ve watched a lot of the past seasons, and they are trying to play the game and stay focused on the prize.

Bisola and Toke moved on to discuss Saga and his initial refusal to apologise to Pere. They opined that he was probably following Nini’s steps and he’s perhaps a little intimidated by the general. They both agreed that Angel is to the girls what Cross is to the guys – cruise.

The Week Nine Relationship Dynamic

Nedu came back on the show for a second time to discuss the bonds in the house with Toke and Bisola. Nedu started cracking us up from the get-go by dragging Saga.

They moved on to Queen and Whitemoney. Nedu said Whitemoney is playing the game too perfectly and has failed to make any moves, even on the person he claimed to like. Toke and Bisola came to Whitemoney’s aid, saying he may have a situation outside preventing him from making moves in the house.

They also discussed the Angel, Cross, and wisdom tooth situation. They said Cross is the opposite of Whitemoney, and he’s just enjoying his time in the house and ‘catching cruise’. They all agreed that Angel is a ‘growing child’. Nedu said, “Angel is a child that isn’t a child”. Bisola agreed, saying, “She’s a child, a big baby”.

The Week Nine Edition of Gbas Gbos On The Buzz

This week seemed to be the comeback episode for previous guests of the show as Glory joined the rest of the gang to talk about the significant blowouts in the house this week. They started with the Saga and Liquorose fight, highlighting that Nini failed to stand up for Saga. This led to the question, “do you think that Nini likes Saga?” Glory opened the ground for discussions by saying Nini doesn’t like him a hundred per cent, but she’s beginning to catch feelings.

Glory had a scientific opinion about Saga’s game. She reminded others that Saga said he was a woman-wrapper from the start and chose a girl that would be hard to get so that his chase could be his entire game. Everyone agreed that this gameplay helped get him into the ninth week and was probably not a bad idea.

They moved on to Pere and Angel’s fight, trying to deduce what she meant by saying, “You did not know that my teeth were big when your d*ck was getting hard up and down”. Glory, who seemed to have the perfect analysis for all the situations, gave a good breakdown. First, she said whatever happened must have gone down in the bathroom. Next, she noted that Angel has been looking for a way to get at Pere for a while. She claimed that Angel was trying to foil Pere’s plans of sending subtle messages to his outside girlfriend about being clean in the house.

Week Nine’s Most Entertaining Moments

After Biggie and Nini’s perfectly executed prank on the house, the game got super interesting for 24 hours. The guests on the show agreed that Nini’s disappearance helped us see the housemates in their natural element. They said that Cross was probably the most hilarious during this period. He searched for Nini in all the weird places, and his reaction when she returned was very unscripted and funny.

The guests all thanked Biggie for the prank, saying it was needed. They agreed that the housemates’ reactions were as genuine as they could get since no one could have seen the twist coming. Of course, Saga got some heat for the way he carried himself throughout that time. Glory called him a ‘dodoyo’ and said he was acting like a Jell-O.


Toke asked the guests to observe a minute of silence after the secret diary sessions because for the first time this season, Saga did not mention Nini. They also stated that this set of housemates don’t look like they were cultivating life-long friendships.

To round up the show, Toke asked her guests who they saw in the top 5 with Emmanuel, Liquorose and Cross. Bisola chose Pere and Whitemoney, Nedu went with Angel and Whitemoney, while Glory’s top choice was Angel and Pere. Africa made their choice on Sunday night, and it turns out Bisola was right about who the public would vote for in the top 5.

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