Bombed Train: Shehu Sani unmasks alleged terror leaders, calls for arrest

A former Kaduna central district lawmaker, Shehu Sani, has named some terror leaders in the North.

Sani, who said the alleged terrorists are almost becoming household names, wondered how they have remained illusive for authorities to arrest; adding that they go as far as granting interviews to radio stations and newspapers in Hausa language.

Turji, Dogo Gide, Manjagara and Balleri, are the topmost northern terror leaders who have been moving around freely, planning and executing terrorist attacks successfully.

“Bello Turji, Dogo Gide, Manjagara and Balleri, are the topmost northern terror leaders who have been granting Radio and papers interviews in our Hausa language, but remain illusive for authorities to arrest. I just don’t get it.

“There are 37 villages along Kaduna-Abuja road, if the Government can recruit, arm and engage the youths of these villages to protect the road and the rail track, it’ll be cheaper and more effective than blowing N71 Billion in the name of surveillance or whatever ‘solution systems’ they call it”, Sani tweeted.

Recall that a Kaduna-bound train was attacked on Monday night by terrorists.

The attack came a few days after the terrorists attacked the Kaduna International Airport, where an aircraft was prevented from taking off.

The 6pm train, which took off from Idu Train Station at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), reportedly hit explosive device about 30 minutes to Rigasa train station in Kaduna.

The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), had earlier said 398 passengers bought tickets for the trip, but 362 were validated as having boarded the train.

Eight passengers including Trade Union Congress (TUC) Secretary-General Musa Ozigi-Lawal, TUC Kwara State chapter Chairman Akin Akinsola, National Board of Technical Education (NBTE) director at Kaduna office, Abdul Isa Kofar-Mata and a dentist Dr Chinelo Nwando were confirmed killed and 41 others, injured.

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