CBN probe: Aisha Ahmad not in DSS detention

Online reports alleging the arrest and detention of the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria in charge of Financial System Stability (FSS), Aisha Ahmad are not factual.

However, the reports of his detention by the DSS are fictitious and the wild imaginations of the online publishers.

According to a CBN source who spoke on condition of anonymity, “the CBN DG just like other officials participated in the ongoing routine interviews as part of a larger investigation into activities of the former CBN Governor by the DSS and the Special Investigator.”

He further disclosed that the contents and subjects of such interview processes are wide-ranging and beyond the realm of public gossip or speculation.

He added that it is important for Journalists to know that not every visit by a Nigerian to the facility of a security agency is an arrest and not every time spent is tantamount to time spent in detention.

The CBN Source further disclosed that ” the DG is home, well and will continue to dedicate herself to the service of the apex bank and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Ahmad was appointed Deputy CBN governor on 6 October 2017, replacing Sarah Alade, who retired in March 2017. She was confirmed by the Nigerian Senate on 22 March 2018.

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