Charles Novia says Majek Fashek was too young to die at 58

Nollywood filmmaker and record label owner, Charles Novia has reacted to the death of reggae music legend, Majek Fashek, saying ‘he was relatively too young to die’.

In a recent interview, Novia said “First of all, it’s a very sad situation about Majek’s death. I think he was relatively too young to die. He was a legend and I feel very sad and commiserate with his family.’

Novia worked with Majek Fashek and released his album, ‘Little Patience,’ on his November records.

The ‘Alan Poza’ director says Majek passed away after his 58th birthday and it remains a sad occurrence.

The business relationship between Novia and Majek lasted for five years which Novia says provided him some of the best memories of the late musician.

He was a legend, someone who influenced my life as a kid and somehow, fate brought me to him to release his album that year. I took it as an act of fate and gave it all my best after getting the rights from Coral music USA. 

“I would remember him for the good time we had, I managed him for five years and though he can be a handful, he was talented and it was privileged to have worked with the biggest music act on Africa continent at that time,” Novia reminisced.

Novia also hinted that he will be filming and releasing a biopic as a legacy or a documentary in honour of the late musician for him and his estate.

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