Chinese national’s military aide tears motorists’ tyres with bayonet in Lagos

A soldier guiding a Chinese national been driven in a Toyota Sienna car at Adeniyi Jones and Aromire junction in Ikeja junction went berserk this afternoon and used the bayonet on his rifle to slash the tyre of motorists this afternoon.

The incident which occurred at about 4.30 on May 29, 2021, was as a result of the attempt by the car in which the Chinese national was been driven attempt to bypass the traffic lights at the usually busy Adeniyi Jones: Aromire junction. The car that bore the majors brunt of the soldier’s action was a Lexus jeep which had all four of his Tyres punctures by the soldier using his bayonet.


A soldier acting unlawfully on Adeniyi Jones by Aromire street, Ikeja


Onlookers were in shock as the soldier stopped all traffic against the traffic light and those who were obeying the traffic light suffered the destruction of their tires by the non-smiling soldier while the Chinese soldier watched from the comfort of his car.

Mr. Femi Adepoju, one of the motorists at the scene said he was shocked by the manner the soldier destroyed the vehicles of ordinary Nigerians who were going about their normal business and not breaking any laws just to enable a Chinese worker in a beat-up Sienna car break the traffic lights.

A soldier acting unlawfully
A soldier acting unlawfully on Adeniyi Jones by Aromire street, Ikeja

Motorists who wanted the soldier were stopped when he pointed his riffle at them and the brazen manner he slashed tyre after tyre.

Adepoju’s wife, Funke, said she hopes authorities would do something about what she described as “ madness”
“ How can our own soldier do this to us when we were breaking no laws just to enable a Chinese man in a hurry break the law in our own country? Can this happen in China?”she asked.

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