COVID-19: First Bank disinfects branch as staff tests positive

After one of its employees tested positive for the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the management of First Bank of Nigeria Limited has disinfected its Marina, Lagos office on Tuesday.

The lender had informed its stakeholders that one of its staff at its Marina, Lagos branch was a carrier of the virus.

The development forced the financial institution to direct all staff of the branch to go on self-isolation and get tested, while the branch and its entire vicinity were then thoroughly disinfected.

In a statement, First Bank said, “We have just confirmed that one of our staff working in First Bank, Marina branch has tested positive to COVID-19 on June 15, 2020.”

“In line with our COVID-19 emergency response plan, we have immediately activated our established incident management protocols. These include asking all staff of the branch to go on self-isolation and get tested.

“In addition, we immediately swung to action and have thoroughly disinfected the branch and the entire vicinity overnight,” it added.

The lender, while reiterating its commitment to the safety of its staff, customers, and host communities, however, disclosed that a fresh team have been deployed to the branch with brand new personal protection kits and equipment.

“We have brought in a fresh team of our staff who have been given brand new personal protection kits and equipment to work with, therefore, ensuring that there is no risk to any staff working out of the branch or any customer who chooses to bank with us at the same branch.

“Staff of the branch, whose tests are ongoing now, will not be returning to work until they are medically certified.

“The impact of COVID-19 has become the new norm and as we learn to live and deal with it. Swift, effective and decisive response in dealing with the challenges as they arise to ensure minimal disruption to service is critical as our new reality,” the statement added.


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