DeFi Summer 2024: Beyond the Blockchain

DeFi Summer 2024 has wrapped up, and it was nothing short of extraordinary!

This year’s event, hosted by NFT_NG, went beyond the usual conference experience by blending competition, social responsibility, and cutting-edge discussions, creating a memorable and impactful week for all participants.

Kicking off with a Kickoff!

The event kicked off on June 23rd with the highly anticipated DeFi Summer Soccer Tournament at Riverbank School, Victoria Island. This friendly competition brought together industry leaders and enthusiasts, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and collaboration. Street DAO emerged victorious, but the real win was the bond formed among participants, underscoring the community-driven nature of DeFi.

Extending a Helping Hand

On June 24th, DeFi Summer 2024 took a heartfelt turn with a visit to the Living Foundation Orphanage in Victoria Island, Lagos. The community donated essential supplies and spent meaningful time with the children and staff, reinforcing the event’s commitment to social impact. This visit highlighted the power of DeFi to make a difference beyond financial systems, touching lives and spreading joy.

Diving Deep into DeFi

June 26th saw the DeFi Summer Conference at the Landmark Centre, Victoria Island. This conference was the intellectual heart of the event, featuring renowned speakers such as Chuta Chimezie, Adesola Oguntimehin, Ukeme Okuku, Frank Edoho, and Symply Tacha amongst others. Attendees engaged in insightful talks, workshops, and panel discussions that explored the latest trends, applications, and strategies in DeFi. The conference was not only educational but also inspirational. There was a surprise marriage proposal that added a unique touch to the day’s events.

Celebrating Achievements

The week concluded with an elegant dinner at Taj Restaurant. This celebration brought together sponsors, partners, and special guests to reflect on the successes of DeFi Summer 2024. It was a night of networking, enjoyment, and forging new connections, marking a fitting end to a week filled with learning and growth.

By the Numbers

This year’s DeFi Summer event boasted over 18,000 participants engaged in the DeFi Summer Point System. More than 2,000 attendees registered for the event. Over 50 prizes were raffled, including laptops and hardware wallets. Wesaw asurge in our social media platforms with a 2777% increase in Twitter followers and over 1 million impressions during the event week.

Looking Forward to DeFi Summer 2025

The success of DeFi Summer 2024 has set the stage for an even more exciting DeFi Summer 2025. With plans already in motion, the future looks bright for the DeFi community. Stay connected with NFT_NG on X and YouTube, and visit for the latest updates and announcements. Together, let’s continue to explore and innovate in the dynamic world of decentralized finance!

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