Dr. Okewale’s St. Ives hospital fete kids, mum for children’s day

Dr. Babatunde Okewale and his beautiful wife, Kiki Okewale, played host to several children and mothers as they feted over 50 kids for the annual children’s day celebration.

Okewale, who is famed for having a high success rate of IVF at his St. Ives Hospital, took time out of his busy schedules to party with children.

Leaving smiles on the faces of families, St. Ives Hospitals hosted one of the most glamorous Children’s Day events in recent memories at the Parkland Amusement Centre, Maryland, Lagos.


Dr. Okewale and wife (middle) with staff of St. Ives hospital
Dr. Okewale and wife (middle) with staff of St. Ives hospital

The event was held on Sunday, May 26, 2024 and had various kids, parents, and members of staff who thronged the venue in attendance.

Themed ‘Our children, our superheroes’ and with the dress code being ‘Princess & Knight,’ Dr. Okewale took time to dance with the kids and cut a cake in honour of the children.

The children had a great time of fun with some of the highlights of the day being bouncing castles, dancing competitions, poem recitations, chess, Jenga game and various train rides.

Attendees of the St. Ives 2024 children's party
Attendees of the St. Ives 2024 children’s party

There was a lavish array of meals and drinks to pick from alongside small chops, popcorn, ice cream, cotton candy as well as party favours for all the kids present.

According to Dr. Okewale, the St. Ives Children’s Day party is an annual event by the hospital aimed at celebrating the children and by extension the family.

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