False Story: Daniel Ojukwu afraid of going to court, refuses to cooperate with Police

Daniel Ojukwu refusal to answer allegations against him by those investigating the matter is the reason police is yet to charge him to court.

Sources disclosed since his arrest over alleged cyber stalking and spreading of false content on the internet, the writer has not been co-operating with the investigating officers in charge of the matter.

The Director of the Nigeria Police Force-National Cyber Crime Centre, Uche Ifeanyi, on Tuesday, confirmed to Punch Newspaper that the writer had not met his bail conditions.

A source told our correspondent that despite efforts by the police Ojukwu has refused to co-operate, instead using every tactics possible to avoid having his day in court. Police are going through the process and following all the right rules of engagement . It would be recalled that Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Sustainable Development Goals confirmed they reported the said writer to security agencies, describing a report he caused to be published on the internet as mischievous, malicious and attempt to blackmail the good work of the agency.

OSSAP-SDGS also challenged Ojukwu to provide proof of any misconduct and corruption he has against the office in court where lawyers and forensic experts can verify his claims if they are genuine or not, but all of a sudden the once strong and energetic writer has developed cold feet and trying all in his power not to go to court a pointer to the fact that the published story is false and just a mere “social media bait” to generate buzz, traffic and generate revenue via ads at the detriment of people hard earned reputation , a practice that has been long done, but at this time hits a brick wall.

A source disclosed that not wanting to be charged court is just part of the gimmicks to appeal to public sympathy. If truly, he is sure of his works, he should corporate with the authorities and have his day in court.

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