Fat Joe regrets not signing Eminem before Dr Dre

Rap star, Fat Joe has opened up on his regret for not signing famous rap star, Eminem before Dr Dre.

In a recent interview with Jamz 99.1 FM, the American musician regretted not giving Eminem a chance when he approached him with his demo tape six different times.

Though Fat Joe is well known in hip-hop circles for discovering Big Pun, his Terror Squad imprint might have been taken to greater heights had he signed on Eminem.

Eminem had went on to get signed on Dr Dre’s Aftermath records to release his first album after which he joined forces with Dre as Shady and Aftermath records to discover and release 50 Cent’s first album, ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’


In the interview, Fat Joe recounts the tale of him not giving Eminem a chance early in his career.

Eminem out here in Miami, he gave me his demo like six different times,” Joe began. “Everywhere I went was this little white boy and he kept giving me his demo. He was like, ‘Yo, listen to my music, I’m telling you, I’m nice, I’m nice, I’m nice.’ […] I didn’t do it and now he’s the biggest guy in the universe.

Fat Joe is responsible for discovering Big Pun, Pitbull, and Remy Ma amongst other members of the Terror Squad.

The rapper was also a force in the early development of Rick Ross and DJ Khaled‘s musical career.

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