First Bank provides free e-learning subscriptions, targets 1m students

First Bank of Nigeria Limited has announced that thousands of students have been signing up to access the e-learning solutions for free.

The bank says it is doing this in partnership with Roducate and Lagos State government.

This is in furtherance of its resolve to close the gap of the disruption in children education’s due to schools’ closure, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Roducate e-learning platform is structured in line with government’s accredited curriculum for primary, secondary and tertiary schools across various fields of academic endeavours, such as science, commercial and arts.

Also, it includes tutorial videos to reinforce the learning engagement as well as assignments and mock exam to test the students’ knowledge and progress in the course of studying. In addition, learning on the platform enables one to take notes for quick reference.

In view of the need to foster extra-curricular activities – beyond academic pursuit – the Roducate e-learning platform is configured with exciting features to make learning exciting and fun.

These features include podcasts and various games such as brain pulse, monster munch among others which allows one to play with other students online thereby building relationships and promoting interactive learning.


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