Izu Okwuobasi opens up on emigration with ‘Obodo Oyinbo: The Million Mile Experience’ exhibition

As the Japa syndrome continues to rage mostly among the young people of Nigeria, American-based photographer, Izu Okwuobasi is providing first-hand insights into migration and its impacts. 

Izu, come Saturday and Sunday, December 16 and 17 will be staging a solo exhibition titled ‘Obodo Oyinbo: The Million Mile Experience’. The exhibition, according to the artist is multi-faceted, deeply personal and a unique portrayal of America through a Nigerian lens.

“This exhibition is crucial in establishing myself as a recognized artist and photographer. Success here means gaining recognition for my unique narrative and artistic vision, which blends the journey of Nigerian immigrants with my personal exploration of America. True success would be having visitors connect deeply with the stories behind my exhibition – understanding the immigrant journey and experiencing the ‘real America’ as I see it,” he said. 

According to him, the exhibition targets enthusiasts of travel and exploration, aligning with the themes of emigration and the Nigerian diaspora experience.

“We aim to engage those involved in the ‘Japa’ movement, providing a reflective space on the phenomenon of moving abroad for better opportunities. 

The exhibition also appeals to older generations, especially those with a penchant for art, travel, and narratives that explore the Nigerian experience abroad,” Izu added. 

The exhibition will feature the artist’s photographs, as well as interviews conducted by Izu with Nigerian immigrants, like Speed Darlington where they get to share their experiences in Obodo Oyinbo (foreign land).

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