Jaruma’s estranged husband calls her out for deceiving fans

Ross Fahad Isabor, the estranged husband of popular aphrodisiac seller, Hauwa Saidu Mohammed, also known as Jaruma, has called her out for deceiving fans about her marriage and her kayanmata product.

The controversial woman launched a new weight loss product, following her drastic weight loss which many said was as a result of her travails.

She made a video where she stated that her marriage break-up was not responsible for her weight loss. She also claimed that she was the one who broke up with her husband and not the other way round.

Her estranged husband, however, called her out after the video. He stated, “I served you this breakfast since, I told you I’m done. Stop fooling your gullible followers. I’m only in contact with you because of our son.

“This is what I wanted to tell you on phone because I know you create contents from deceit and lies.

“Stop using me to sell your fake products, your jazz no dey work, it never worked. Only fools believe in kayamata.”

His call out is coming a few days after her estranged husband’s lover also called Jaruma out. She said “Don’t believe everything you see or hear, because I’ve been quiet about a lot of things doesn’t mean anything.

“Find another way to feed yourself, hoe!. And stop making it seem as if you guys are still together!!! That ended years ago . Stop calling him, talking about him ruining your brand. It’s time to find a new hustle, leave him alone.”

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