#MakeWeHalla: Viral video spark conversations after Inojie, Nuhu weigh in on domestic violence

In a nation where the discussion on domestic violence often remains shrouded in silence, two power actors have ignited a powerful movement that is resonating deeply across Nigeria.

Charles Inojie and Ali Nuhu, through their viral video titled #MakeWeHalla, have initiated a much-needed conversation on the pressing issue of domestic violence.

The video features the two talented actors in a humorous yet thought-provoking short video, emphasising the importance of speaking out against domestic violence.


With their trademark wit and charm, Inojie and Nuhu delivered a compelling message; when Nigerians witness domestic violence, they must make noise, they must ‘halla’.


The video is capturing the attention of viewers across various demographics, sparking discussions on online platforms.

Among many Nigerians who have been inspired by the video is a fast-rising actor and social media influencer, Joseph Momodu.

He wrote, “Yesoooo Oga Charles. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Domestic violence is not good and the more reason to really Halla!!”

A popular Nigerian film director and social media personality, Falalu Abubakar Dorayi, also known as Falalu A. Dorayi, added his voice against sitting on the fence while witnessing incidents of domestic violence. To him, “Women abuse is a bad behavior. Silence, when we see people doing (it), is like giving a chance to continue. It’s true, everywhere we see signs of “abuse” happening. Let’s expose the secrets. #MakeWeHalla”.

“This is powerful. We must halla! Like I always say, to fix this nation, you must fix yourself first. You are a part of the nation; once you fix you, you have fixed the nation. This is applicable to a community where domestic violence thrives”, Lanre Adediwura, an award-winning actor and online personality, opined.

A Nigerian actress and online celebrity, Kiitan Bukola, said that Nigerians can’t continue to sit on the fence in the face of domestic violence. “We must halla; we can’t continue to ignore. let’s kick against domestic violence… “, she wrote.

The success of #MakeWeHalla by encouraging individuals to speak up, is empowering communities to break the cycle of silence and stigma.

Inojie and Nuhu’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, as their initiative has garnered widespread praise and support from both fans and advocacy groups alike.

Monsurah Hamza with handle @ayotibami0 wrote, “Kudos to Charles Inojie and Ali Nuhu for sensitizing Nigerians on domestic violence #MakeWeHalla”.

Elated social media user @oladebuofficial stated, “How do I like this video 1 million times cos Bravo. Thank you for this… #MakeWeHalla”.

Bammy_ay wrote, “We really need more of this kind of video to educate people on domestic violence. Do not die in silence! #MakeWeHalla”.

@ekumastanleyifeanyi3 simply commented, ‘Say no to domestic violence’.

Through their creativity and dedication, Inojie and Nuhu have leveraged their platform to shine a spotlight on a critical issue that often remains hidden in the shadows.

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