Mimmy Tea: Why I produced four movies in a year

Omokola Oyetunji Olawale better known as Mimmy Tea came into the movie industry after over a decade in the music industry. The certified AFRIMEK member and OSCOTECH graduate in this interview talks about his transition from music into movie productions.

How did your movie career started?
It all started in 2016.beforr then, I had been having some fringe appearances  in some movies mostly with scenes  which include music performances. Then, 1n 2017, I had the opportunity to play the role of Subomi in the popular TV series, ILEKEMI, produced and directed  by Kunle Afod. That really brought me into limelight. It was showing on African Magic for like one year, 30.minutes daily Mondays to Fridays. Then, the weekly summary will be shown on Saturdays. After, here we are  today, we give glory to God.

How did your music career started?

Mimmy Tea
Mimmy Tea

I started music at a very young age. As a young boy, I was going to singing competitions and miming at birthday parties. In 2001, I recorded my first single as a recording artiste. The song was titled, ‘Alaye Soji’.

You shot four movies in a year in 2023, why did you decided to go that far?

People around me knows when I want to do something, I put in all my best. In the music industry, I hit limelight when some of the biggest names were hot. The 9ice, KleverJay, Bigianos of this world. I came out when these guys were hot and I was able to make a statement. ‘Obama n wa mi’ was a club banger when I released it.

So, coming into movie, I needed to also make a statement by doing something that will be talked about for a long time. Also, these  were not just movies. These were four fantastic movies that got accolades and commendations from within and outside the industry. The productions and finishing of My Cross, Kosi Idariji, The Contract and Damaged started in February 2023 and completed in February 2024. The first three are already out and the last of them Damaged which somehow is the biggest of them will be out in April 2024.

Having experienced both, what’s the major difference in music and Movie careers, especially relating to women?

Both music and movies has lots to do with Television and and because TV is involved, the face becomes famous. And, once fame comes, women follows. Ladies will come close, wants to be friends, admiring you and all that. Some are even bold enough to tell you about having affection for you. The pressure is almost the same. It’s up to the individual ideal to decide if he wants to derail. For Me, being focus is my identity.

Mimmy Tea
Mimmy Tea

What production was your most challenging?

Acting in Damaged was quite challenging for me. I played an unusual role in the movie which took me completely away from my ni e guy role. I played a very toxic husband. The character dealt with his wife to the extent she slumped in the movie. The wife was emotionally traumatized and lots of women goes through this on a daily basis. I believe seeing the movie for many people will help people in dealing with domestic violence. That’s why it’s important for people to see the movie. It has been completed and will be out anytime soon. My role in damaged took me to another level of creativity.

Have you finally left music for movies?
No! I have fans who have been there for me since my music days. I cannot dissapoint them because acting. These  people have been fanatical about Mimmy Tea since the days of Arewa and Obama n wa mi. Something big musically is  oming soon from Mimmy tea.

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