Mr Ibu recuperates,reveals being poisoned the third time

Comic actor, John Okafor aka Mr Ibu, has revealed that he landed in the hospital because he was poisoned for the third time.

While speaking with Punch from his hospital bed, he said, “I just got poisoned again. It seems my enemies are using me to rehearse (their power). This time, I wasn’t poisoned in the village.

“I was poisoned in Abuja last week at an entertainment event. I really cannot explain how I was poisoned because it was a gathering of people, though it was a big event.

The actor who sounded weak maintained that he was getting better.

“I am recuperating, although I have neither worked out nor driven since I got ill. However, I intend to take a walk because I am hopeful that I will get better. I am eating well and I’m prepared to go back on set anytime from now.”

He also bashed those soliciting for funds on his behalf without his consent.

“Some people have sold me. They have not heard from me and all they want to do is sell me. But, their plan wouldn’t work because God has raised me up. I am not begging anybody for money. My condition is not as critical as some people make it seem.

“Anybody who has made it a point of duty to talk about my sickness should stop taking advantage of it. I am here in the (hospital) with my wife. I am not saying all my friends who are supposed to visit me and bring me money cannot do that.

“But, I have never asked anybody to beg people for money on my behalf.”

Meanwhile, the President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, (AGN) Emeka Rollas, sent delegates to visit the ailing actor at Zenith Medical and Kidney Centre, Abuja where he was admitted.

Director of Communications, Monalisa Chinda Coker and some National Executive members of the guild, paid a visit to the ailing actor and uploaded a picture on Instagram. Coker also revealed that Ibu is responding to treatment.


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