Navigating B2P expansion in Nigeria, by Tony Doe

Tony Onwuchekwa, better known as Tony Doe, takes on a pivotal role as the Business Development Representative for Nigeria within Afripods’ cutting-edge Broadcast-to-Podcast (B2P) initiative.

Drawing from a rich reservoir of experience, Tony’s extensive career spans years of on-air presence and adept management within the Nigerian radio landscape.
His achievements include spearheading transformative growth at esteemed radio stations such as Wazobia FM Onitsha, where his visionary leadership steered the team to achieve an impressive 77% audience surge in just three months.
In his current capacity as the Business Development Representative, Tony channels this seasoned expertise into driving B2P’s expansion within Nigeria – a mission that resonates with his passion for podcasting and his fervent commitment to elevating the medium’s influence.
Leveraging his in-depth insights and astute management acumen, Tony is primed to propel B2P’s reach across Nigeria, catalyzing Afripods’ overarching mission of amplifying African voices through the potent platform of podcasting.
????️ “Afripods’ B2P technology isn’t just a game-changer; it’s a movement. With my profound belief in the power of on-demand content, I’m truly excited to lead this transformative endeavour,” affirms Tony Doe.
With Tony at the helm, B2P’s journey gains an adept navigator, poised to steer the Nigerian podcasting landscape toward unprecedented growth and engagement.
Connect with Tony on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonydoevo/ or via email: tony@afripods.com
About Afripods:
Afripods leads pan-African podcast hosting, curating authentic stories for global audio enthusiasts. The mission is an expansive library of African narratives, empowering creators for worldwide reach and monetization.
Visit www.afripods.africa/b2p

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