Nkechi Blessing’s lover ends affair on instagram live video

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday’s husband Opeyemi Falegan has revealed that his marriage to the actress had ended.

Falegan, who said this during a Live Instagram chat on his page, said that he has a name to protect and doesn’t want it enmeshed with any controversy.

He said, “I don’t want to be known for any notoriety or anything controversial. I have a name. My name is my pride.

“I want to be known as someone who has added value to people, who will keep doing the work for people.

“I have a name that I’m trying to protect here. Any little thing, husband of… Where did you see the husband?”

Addressing the comments of her estranged husband, the actress said she would heed the advice of those saying she should keep quiet.

She would later go on a rant on Twitter saying,, “A lot of you are stuck in woron woron relationships because of what people will say… If dem ask me wetin my so called boyfriend does for a living, walai I don’t have an answer.

“Baba wey get poise, I managed you.”

She later rained curses on an Instagram page she claims has been frustrating her and is the cause of her marriage break up.

“Pls nobody should call me on this again, Not even msgs..GOD will prove himself. For years all that blog did was remove food from my mouth and I kept mute, but this particular one, Haaa Abiamo Orun won’t even sleep on this one, only if I did what ever the blog wrote…

“All my life I have never been this Sad, hard girl in the Mud cus common I cannot let this continue….. Any Man I was involved with can say whatever he feels like, after all he needs d attention to stay relevant, but this will be the very last I will say on this. Don’t worry about me I have cried out my anger, I am very fine. THANK YOU.”

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