Olakira says being raised by a single mum responsible for love of women

Fast-rising music act, Olakira, has given his being raised by a single mum to why he falls in love and appreciates the women folks.

In an exclusive interview with The Nation, Olakira explained that growing up with his mother, who is a single mum naturally, endeared him towards females.

“Being raised by a single mum made me fall in love with the woman and appreciate them. You can sense this in my music,” Olakira explained.

The young singer and songwriter says growing up in penury with six other brothers and a single mum made him very ambitious and resilient.

“Growing up in Nigeria made me very ambitious, resilient and the need to find joy and happiness in every situation. I learned that life, sometimes, can be really depressing, so I always look for ways to make myself and people happy and that’s why I make sweet happy music.”

Olakira became popular for his hit single, ‘In My Maserati,’ which was released in 2020 during the COVID-19 occasioned lockdown. The song topped several music charts across Nigeria and later had a remake that featured award-winning music star, Davido.

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