Opinion: Give it to Muda at 50, from grassroots mobilizer to political titan

Without doubt, a gregarious man and versatile lawmaker is an example and testimony of God’s grace, who rose from nothing to something, from peasant politician to political titan/warlord.

The potent statement aptly describes the mercurial rise of Lagos State House Assembly, speaker, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa, the astute politician with many unruffled political feathers and undeniably and arguably Nigeria’s most versatile and dynamic speaker of House of Assembly by all calculation and math.

Obasa, obviously reveling in the grace of his new attain age, is a man that does his things in very eloquent ways; and as a long-standing and oldest serving member of the vibrant LSHA, Mudashiru Obasa has risen above all odds to make a golden name for himself as a lawmaker, legislator and political marksman, despite all the oddities in politics.

The indisputable man of the people, who does not make it an issue or bat and eye leave to give to his beloved and much cherished constituents, what they want and how they deserve it at any given time; the fifth-term lawmaker, Obasa who is presently wallowing in his attaining the milestone age of 50.
Obasa has a pedigree that no politician in his ilk can match. He has given the leadership of the house a penchant that other House of Assembly members are copying and hoping to emulate.
For many reasons, this extra-ordinary politician on the Lagos turf is a quintessential politician and consummate grandmaster of murky-water politics in Lagos State at 50.

Despite that having been in the thick political storm of the volatile political terrain of the Center of Excellence state, Lagos, for years and survived many travails and oddities in the dirty waters of politics, by the grace of God and his wisdom; Obasa could aptly be described as the proverbial ‘cat with nine lives,’ having also traversed virtually all known vicissitudes in politics and yet came out unscathed, and still not waning in his quest to make the Lagos State Legislature the leader in the pack.

For years, many have been wondering about how the pragmatic and sagacious politician, Obasa has repeatedly been proving cynics wrong on all fronts as a performing and foremost principal officer of the most vibrant state assembly in the country in his last two consecutive term as a Speaker.

He has no doubt kept the wheel of governance moving at a steady pace and he has remained undaunted, albeit meritoriously, despite all the gamut of difficulties, travails and the traducer he has faced, and the many battle he has fought from within and outside his party.

The intelligent man of honour and simply grassrooted politician remains unhindered and still goes on in his political adventure selflessly, as if nothing ever happened to cow him. This is because the political titan of sort has continued to hold his state’s legislative arm as one, thus making the LSHA a reference point for other states’ Houses of Assembly in the country, just even his fellow members in the House have attested to this by passing a vote of confidence on him by assuring him of their total support in the remaining years of the 9th Assembly, all other things being equal.

Notwithstanding the difficulties he has faced and the battle he has fought within his party, the politician remains un-rattled and unshaking, and still goes about his political adventure without minding whose ox is gored.

At 50, the deeply grass-rooted politician still enjoys so much favour and preference for the plum post across all divides in his party. The sagacious, pragmatic and politically-astute lawmaker has mastered the ropes so well that he is now very instrumental in any decision-making process at both his constituency and the House, nay the Executive arm of the government in Lagos State.

Today, Obasa has stealthily emerged as an unfolding force in the political firmament of Lagos politics, and this is no hyperbole, as he is virtually a recurring decimal in most decisions taken at his party, APC. Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa has also been amplifying via his intensive leadership of the party under his watch, on account of his largely unassailable road to an unprecedented fifth term as Honourable member, and foremost principal officer of the LSHA.

To boot, it is very clear that this man with an uncommon political mien and zeal has gained so much power and influence within the party and even the House which he supremely and qualitatively superintends and wields so much authority without fear or favour. Obasa is now fully in power and the party dares not take any decision without his input or consent.

Give it to Muda, at 50, the sky is obviously the starting point for esteemed Rt. Honourable, as he surely still has more in his political kitty to unleashed in many more years to come, God helping not to derailed in his much avowed positive political mission.

Bolatito Adebola writes from Lagos, Nigeria

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