Real Housewives of Lagos: All the drama, egos are up in episode 3

The debut season of The Real Housewives of Lagos has been gearing up with subtle jabs from the housewives at one another.

After a beach getaway with one member absent and a shady game, some of the underlying tension among the ladies finally came to a boil on the third episode of the show.

The episode started with Iyabo Ojo meeting up with Laura at Oriki Lagos to discuss her absence at the beach getaway. Laura said she had a problem with entering boats anywhere and that half the people at the gathering were not her friends, so she felt awkward about the whole thing. However, she apologised to Iyabo Ojo, claiming that “you’ve never been the problem. I love you, respect you, and think you’ve done amazing for yourself”.

Meanwhile, Carolyna and Chioma met up at a jewellery store to shop. Carolyna shocked Chioma by saying she wanted her man to propose to her with a huge rock that she’ll keep in her safe, and then wear a smaller one around. One of the rings she had her eyes on cost $13,112 (at least ₦6,556,000). Chioma thought it was ridiculous but didn’t say anything to the former actress. Instead, she bought herself a ring that she intended to wear and other types of jewellery. They also broke down their beach get-away, and both women confirmed that they had a great time even though the questions from their games were a bit brutal.

Chioma also asked Carolyna to explain what she meant by her toast to ‘gold-digging’ at the beach, and the mom of three said that she has standards she never intends to drop. Carolyna continued that she isn’t digging for anything she can’t also bring to the table as she searches for gold in all aspects of her life. Her point is that she only likes things that add value to her.

Iyabo and Laura, on the other hand, also discussed Laura’s behaviour at their last two hangouts. The author claimed she heard that Carolyna spoke about her, and she knows the woman wouldn’t have dared to say those things to her face if she had been present. She told Iyabo that she would have landed Carolyna a hot slap if she had been at the beach house with them.

Later on, Chioma and Iyabo agreed to work out together. They spoke about the games at the beach and Iyabo’s meeting with Laura when they eventually met up. Iyabo told Chioma that Laura expected her to be warmer at Toyin’s launch, and her coldness put her off. Chioma adequately explained that she didn’t see Laura as a friend because they don’t have a relationship outside of the business that the latter brings to her – for which she’s grateful.

Iyabo also told Chioma that Laura said she would have slapped Carolyna at the beach if she had expressed any hurtful thing to her face. Chioma felt upset about that statement and noted that it was just downright rude, and if Laura slapped Carolyna, she’d hit her back.

All the women later met up at Carolyna’s ‘Bohemian-themed’ party. The fun they were having slowly deteriorated as Chioma told Carolyna that Laura said she’d have slapped her if she was at the beach house. Laura backtracked, saying that was a ‘slip of the tongue’ and she’ll never lay hands on anyone. Laura also felt betrayed that Iyabo told Chioma about their conversation. The actress immediately stated that she had no loyalty to the Instagram Expert.

Laura eventually voiced that she said she would slap Carolyna because the fair-skinned beauty had spoken about her sister, who she adores. Carolyna tried to defend herself, but Laura said, “don’t talk about my sister”. Carolyna then noted that she had to protect herself, especially because Laura’s sister, Linda Ikeji, wrote badly about her marriage, daughter, and divorce, and it affected her daughter, who has two holes in her heart.

This led to Carolyna stating that she didn’t care if Laura wanted to fight for her sister, but she would kill for her daughter. She noted that Linda Ikeji was on her case from the moment she married. She accused the blogger of lying about her age and saying that her daughter belonged to another man before saying Linda was part of why her marriage went sour. Carolyna said, “I’ve done nothing to your sister, and if I want to insult her, I’ll insult her. If she has the balls, she should face me.”

As Laura started to retort, Carolyna got even more emotional and left the table with Chioma hot on her heels. However, before she went far, she noted that Laura had the nerve to say she would slap her over Linda, who had made life hell for Carolyna. Laura, who was initially calm, had enough of Carolyna’s emotional moment and told her, “I’m not scared of you”.

When Carolyna eventually sat back at the table, the ladies exchanged a few words, with Carolyna screaming, “And if you ever tell me you will slap me again, I’ll lose it with you.”

However, all the ladies eventually reined in their emotions and had a civil conversation about the situation. Laura acknowledged Carolyna’s daughter’s health issues and apologised for saying she would slap her. Carolyna accepted the apology at the event, but there’s clearly drama still brewing.

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