Real Housewives Of Lagos: Laura, Carolyna, and all the drama in episode 8

The eighth episode of Showmax’s The Real Housewives of Lagos was a volcanic eruption between the housewives and the fire of the smoke shown in the seventh episode.

The episode started with Chioma Ikokwu doling out supplies and cash prizes to empower women as part of her Goodway Foundation initiative. The exercise got emotional when she learned that a sick child she had met on her previous visit had died due to his family’s inability to afford medical attention.

The scene was followed shortly by Laura’s discussion with her husband over some of Carolyna Hutchings’s allegations during their unfriendly exchange on the Whatsapp group.

In light of the Whatsapp fight in the previous episode, Iyabo Ojo called for a meeting to address some of the issues, except things didn’t go as planned, and a full meal of violence was served.

Things first went awry when Toyin Lawani confronted Laura Ikeji over the snub she gave the fashion designer at Mariam Timmer’s lunch. However, Laura apologised before the argument got out of hand.

Then the spotlight turned to the Laura-Carolyna Whatsapp fight, where both ladies wrote unfavourable things about each other.

In her explanation, Laura explained how it seemed Chioma and Carolyna had dressed up for dinner while the rest of them had lunch in mind, hence the duo’s reason for coming five hours late to the event. She also stated that while her messages might have seemed aggressive, she wasn’t angry as of the time they were sent and hadn’t expected Carolyna to respond with some of the things she wrote.

When it was Carolyna’s turn to talk, she stated that it seemed that Laura had some issues with her aside from the lunch turned dinner affair. She further explained how Laura had ruined her boho-themed party with some past issues with Linda Ikeji, and this was where things escalated.

Laura got defensive and promised to physically attack Carolyna if she mentioned her sister’s name again, to which the latter promised to scar her face. The two ladies would have gotten physical without intervention from the other ladies. Amid the uproar, Mariam Timmer experienced a wardrobe malfunction and nearly exposed the upper part of her body.

Eventually, the four other ladies got the aggrieved two settled. Still, things got heated between them once more after Laura explained how she had tried to sell her book to a certain governor Carolyna alleged she had been “pimped to.” In response, Carolyna insisted otherwise. Things got physical once again, and it took the intervention of the ladies and some of the crew members to keep them apart.

While the drama between Laura and Carolyna was the main dish, a little spate between Iyabo Ojo and Chioma Ikokwu was the dessert. Shortly after everyone had settled down post round two of Laura and Carolyna’s physical fight, Chioma brought up the crux – her lateness to events- and tried excusing her behaviour, except Iyabo Ojo wasn’t having any of it.

The 44-year-old actress reprimanded the hair entrepreneur and further stated that she and the other ladies would stop waiting for her at events moving forward.

Shortly after that, Laura announced her departure, to which Toyin decided to walk with her. In a private session between the two women, Toyin tried correcting Laura’s actions – the fight – to which the former rebutted and questioned Toyin’s loyalty to their friendship.

The episode ended with Laura stating that she wouldn’t continue her friendship with the fashion designer.

The animosity between the ladies might not be over yet, judging from clips of the next episode showing Laura sitting separately from the rest at a party.

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