Regina Daniels gets two new tattoos

Nollywood actress, producer, and entrepreneur, Regina Daniels has added two new tattoos to her existing tattoos.

As of October 2019, the mother of one had a total of seven tattoos inked on different parts of her body ranging from her wrist to her cleavage, upper arm, and upper shoulder on her back.

The actress recently revealed her two new tattoos in one of the numerous pictures shared on her official Instagram account.

Investigation gathered that the two new tattoos, a dove and a combination of linear moon and bright sun, are located under her right arm and a little below her right wrist. While the dove tattoo is situated just a little below the heartbeat pulse rate tattoo on her right wrist, the linear moon cum bright sun tattoo is situated under her right arm.

The two tattoos join seven other tattoos on Daniels that include Forever 16 with an infinity sign, Heartbeat pulse rate, Nautical star, Princess, Heart shape, Butterfly, and crucifix.

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