Reno Superstores management opens up reasons for dragging security supervisor to court

The Management of Reno Superstores has opened up on why it arrested a security guard, Emmanuel Udoh, who was arraigned at the Ejigbo magistrate court in Lagos for stealing from the company.

Reno Superstore is a multi-billion naira company with many branches. Each branch has different sections including  bakery, electronics, pharmacy, cosmetics, toys, groceries, household appliances isles, as well as sections for other items.

In a telephone chat on Thursday, Pharm. Justice Omokhuae, the MD/CEO of RENO Superstores Ltd. and Greenland Drugs Ltd., said it was not true that the company charged the guard to court for stealing two loaves of bread, rather, they opted to prosecute him to serve as a deterrent to the perpetrators of the incessant pilfering and shoplifting which have persisted in the company, leading to the loss of several millions of Naira monthly.

According to Omokhuae, “Mr. Udoh was not just an ordinary security guard with us; he was a security supervisor assigned to us to stem stealing. He is a contract staff posted to Reno by Hamgad Security Services Ltd., a security company we have a security contract with. To us, it is unacceptable that Mr. Udoh would be the one to steal from us. Therefore, it is laughable that this man ran to the media to allege that he stole because he was hungry, and that he offered to pay the worth of the loaves of bread when he was caught.”

Omokhuae noted that the company was “not unmindful of the hunger in the land, or the hardship people are experiencing. But that is not an excuse to steal from the company you were hired to secure and protect. Let’s assume, for the purpose of argument, that Mr. Udoh took the two loaves of bread because he was hungry, and then imagine that each of the other one hundred (100) employees also steal two loaves, daily, because of hunger, it means it would only be a matter of time for the company to fold up.

“Our company operates on loans from banks, and we employ many Nigerians who have to feed their families. We cannot tolerate theft and consequently be rail-roaded out of business. We cannot default on the payment of our loans and tell our creditors that it was because our goods were stolen by staff and customers. We must pay our creditors. Therefore, Mr. Udoh offering to pay for what he stole will not solve the problem. We needed to take drastic actions to stop the stealing. That was why we opted for prosecution as the only means to deter others.

“Mr. Udoh said he stole the bread to eat as lunch, right? But that is not the case here. The two loaves of bread he stole are huge and enough to feed a family of six (6). He stole the bread in the late evening, and the criminal manner he carried out the stealing with a non-employee, was all caught on video. His accomplice is still at large. That same day, a customer was caught shoplifting about 50 cans of shoe polish.

“We studied several days of video footage and realized that the bread incident was not an isolated case. We have evidence that he has been doing this on a regular basis in less than a month that he was assigned to us by Hamgad Security.”

According to Mr. Omokhuae, Reno Superstores “is one of the best in terms of staff welfare and development. Just last month, three exemplary employees went on company-sponsored vacation to Tanzania and Qatar. As I speak with you, we have about seven staff members on full scholarship in various Nigerian universities. That is not including the incentives and bonuses we pay to both our staff and contract staff. Every year, we also do profit sharing with our staff and contract staff. All we ask for is the chance to do business and be able to support our staff and our community. ”

It will be recalled that on the 25th of April, 2024, Mr. Emmanuel Udoh was caught on camera, allegedly stealing loaves of bread at the Reno Superstores branch located at 23/24 Idimu Road, Ejigbo area of Lagos.

Udoh who was charged before the Ejigbo Magistrate Court for the alleged offence, was granted bail in the sum of N50,000 with one surety in like sum by Presiding Magistrate, K. A. Ariyo, while the matter was adjourned till 14th May, 2024, for mention.

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