Sanwo-Olu: TeamNigeria4Change urges Ngerian Army to caution errant personnel

A group, TeamNigeria4Change has advised the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Tahoreed Lagbaja to caution some of the personnel of the Nigeria Army who have been using social media as an avenue to rain expletives on the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Olushola Sanwo-Olu for arresting an army officer riding a motorcycle against traffic, popularly known as one-way in Lagos.

Governor Sanwo-Olu had ordered the arrest of the soldier and three other motorcyclists for taking one way on the Lagos Badagry Expressway on Wednesday, January 3, 2024 when they ran into his convoy on the expressway. While a lot of people had commended the governor for doing what is right and showing a good example to the people that there was no pone above the law, a couple of days later[, videos from various sources started appearing on social media, made by some military personnel, insulting and using unprintable words on the governor.

Some of the soldiers in the video went as far as saying military personnel are above the law and that the governor had no right to arrest them. One even went as far as threatening that he would have attacked the governor if he was the personnel arrested.

Since the incident of the arrest of the errant soldier, no less than 3 videos have surfaced, made by some faceless and nameless soldiers, with a particular one featuring one in senior military fatigue and what looks like a United Nations engagement beret. This particular ‘officer’ who is reputed to be quite popular on the social media network, TikTok claimed that the arrested soldier served under him and that the governor was wrong to have arrested him. Speaking in Yoruba language at some point, he rained curses on the governor and used several unprintable words that made many question if truly he is a military officer.

However, what we at TeamNigeria4change find alarming is the fact that the military hierarchy has not come out to condemn or caution these soldiers.

The military is known for high level of discipline and integrity and acts like what these soldiers have displayed is capable of bringing the exalted military institution to disrepute. It is even worrisome that officers or men of the Nigerian Army can come out brazenly to insult and use the types of words we have seen on social media on the chief executive of a state and there will be no repercussions or cautions from the Nigerian Army.

The silence of the Nigerian Army Can be mistaken for a tacit support of the misbehavior of these personnel and it sends a very wrong signal to the populace.

We have to stress for the purpose of emphasizing that no Nigerian is above the law, be it military personnel, elected officials or anyone of any status. Nigeria is under a democratic rule, and by the provision of our constitution, the governor of a state is the chief executive officer and chief security officer of the state, he is responsible for the institution of law and order in his state, which is what he has done.

The army or any other of the military setup should not and can not be seen to be conducting itself as if it is above the law.

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