The EDE Prize for Language debuts

The EDE Prize for Language, the first-of-its-kind indigenous language spelling bee, which aims to celebrate and preserve the Yoruba language, has been launched.

The inaugural indigenous Spelling Bee, which will encourage literacy and academic excellence among students in Lagos and Ogun states, is to also foster a stronger sense of cultural heritage and linguistic diversity.

Bobo Omotayo, the EDE Prize’s creator, said the groundbreaking initiative is in collaboration with Teammasters, a reputable organization that organizes nationwide spelling bees.

“The EDE Prize for Language represents our commitment to promoting indigenous literacy and preserving cultural heritage,” said Omotayo.

He added, “Through our partnership with Teammasters, the Prize’s goal for this event is to inspire the next generation to be proud of their language and culture. We hope to empower young people by giving them a platform to demonstrate their language skills and celebrate the diversity of indigenous cultures.”

For the first edition, students from Lagos and Ogun states are eligible to compete for the prize. We invite schools from both states to participate in this culturally rich educational experience. Participation in the spelling bee is free

Speaking on the initiative, Rotimi Eyitayo, Teammasters National Spelling Bee’s founder, said the EDE Prize for Language is not just a competition but a celebIndigenous languages and traditions.

He explained that the EDE Prize for Language will feature several rounds of competition, culminating in a grand finale in which finalists will compete for prestigious awards and recognition.

The competition is divided into two categories: (i) Lower Category for children aged 8 to 11, and (ii) Higher Category for students aged 13 to 17.

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