Tokunbo Wahab calls for collective efforts to create a cleaner, sustainable Lagos

The Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources in Lagos State, Tokunbo Wahab, has extended warm New Year greetings to the residents of Lagos.

In his message, he emphasized the importance of responsible urban development, urging estate developers to adhere to the Lagos masterplan, respect setbacks, avoid building on waterways, and maintain the environmental integrity of the state.

Wahab acknowledged the resilience of Lagosians throughout the challenges faced in the past year and expressed optimism for a brighter and more sustainable future in 2024. He called on residents to enter the new year with a commitment to environmental consciousness and responsible citizenship.

Addressing estate developers, Wahab stressed the significance of aligning construction projects with the approved masterplan for Lagos. He emphasized the need to respect setbacks to ensure proper spacing between structures, preventing congestion and promoting a more organized urban landscape.

“Responsible urban development is crucial for the sustainable growth of our state. Estate developers play a key role in shaping our city, and I implore them to adhere to the Lagos masterplan, respecting setbacks and refraining from building on waterways,” he stated.

The commissioner also highlighted the issue of noise pollution emanating from event and religious centers, urging developers to implement soundproofing measures and consider the well-being of nearby residents.

“We must strike a balance between development and the quality of life for our residents. Event and religious centers should invest in soundproofing technologies to minimize noise pollution, ensuring harmony within our communities,” he added.

In addition to these concerns, Wahab directed attention to marketplaces, urging market associations and traders to prioritize cleanliness and proper waste management. He emphasized the role of clean markets in promoting public health and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the state.

“As we embrace the new year, let us collectively work towards creating a cleaner and more sustainable Lagos. Clean markets contribute not only to public health but also to the overall beauty of our communities.

“Happy New Year!” Wahab concluded.

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