Ultimate Love: 4 things you need to understand about the show

On Sunday, February 9, 2020, MultiChoice Nigeria’s new reality TV show, ‘Ultimate Love’ will debut.

The new reality show, just like Big Brother Naija, will be taking over the center stage of the Nigerian entertainment scene.

According to the producers, ‘Ultimate Love’ reality TV show promises to deliver a good dose of excitement, twists, surprises, and suspense when it makes its debut.  

Here are 4 quick things you need to understand about the show before its scheduled kick-off date.

1. The Contestants

‘Ultimate Love’ has a total of 16 contestants comprising of eight males and eight females. Just like the BBNaija, the 16 contestants are placed in a secluded location known as the “Love Pad”.

2. The Game


The 16 contestants in the ‘Love Pad’ will live together for eight weeks with hopes that they will find life-long love. 

As expected, the contestants will have to compete and carry out different tasks in order to win votes and love of the audience. 

3. Aunty

One of the unique features of the show is the presence of “Aunty”. Who is Aunty and what is she all about?

Just like Big Brother, Aunty will be a prominent feature on the show but unlike Biggie, who is only recognized by his voice only, Aunty will be physically present in the ‘Love Pad’ with the contestants. 

Aunty’s job will be to help the singles find their perfect partner and provide them with counsel where necessary.

Aunty will also ensure that the contestants are occupied with loads of daily and weekly tasks and activities, all designed to help them pick the perfect partner and groom their new-found love.

4. The Prize

A couple will emerge winner of the first edition of ‘Ultimate Love’ reality TV show. The winning couple will not only have won each other’s hearts and the hearts of viewers but will also win so much.

1. An all-expense-paid traditional wedding ceremony 

2. A fully furnished house – if they commit to getting married. If not, they still get to win a cash prize and other amazing prizes.

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