Ultimate Love: Emotions run high as couples inch closer to finale

The duo of Jeriton (Jerry and Meriton) and Jelo (Jenny Koko and Louis) have been checked out of the Love Pad.

With their exit, only eight couples are left in the Love Pad to vie for the show’s ultimate prize.

The Love Guests have now become accustomed to each other having spent time together, knowing each other strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. More importantly, the couples are having the opportunity of a lifetime to build a relationship devoid of external distractions. Although some of the couples, just like every other couple, are experiencing challenges, spending 168 hours a week for the past five weeks has surely helped the couples to grow their relationship, know their partner’s plans for happily ever after.

Ultimate Love
Ultimate Love

Majority of the couples have had disagreements, notably provoked by differences in outlook or key decisions on the future they hope to jointly build. In some cases, spats have been with other Love Guests. Irrespective of the intermittent eruption of misunderstanding, the couples seem to have settled well, with the bond between each pair strengthened by the wise counsel of Adesuwa Onyenokwe, the show’s Aunty, during her one-on-one session with the couples and as individuals. 

It also seems that the advice given to the Love Guests during the various Masterclass sessions have also helped the couples resolve their nearly unending differences and plan on making decisions concerning their potential future together. In the last two weeks, the Love Pad has hosted Praise Fowowe, a couple and family systems engineering expert; and Olawunmi Esan, a sex therapist. 

Ultimate Love
Ultimate Love

For instance, differences in opinion about permissible and non-permissible actions nearly torpedoed ObiEbi’s relationship as the duo separately requested for a checkout. However, following a strong admonition by Aunty, the couple were able to work things out to the extent that Ebiteinye organized a surprise date for her “choco”, Obichukwu.

IykeResa (Iyke and Theresa) have been the dream couple. They are well liked by fellow Love Guests and are popular with viewers due to how intimate they have become. Even the mothers of the duo have been impressed by the closeness and conduct of their children that they have started making marriage plans. However, the young lovers are not immune from the usual lovers’ spats occasioned by issues such as pre-nuptial agreements and change of surname. These have not stopped them from talking about their future together and how they intend to build a lovely home.

After it was discovered in one of Aunty’s session that Rosie has another child who was taken from her 13 years ago by the family of the child’s father, one would have expected that the Roskie ship would have capsized. However, Kachi has remained immensely supportive of Rosie and has vowed to take care of her and her son. There have been mild arguments about the issue of relocation to Abuja and how to organize their potential family, but that has not stopped the couple from now being cosy, especially the initially reluctant Rosie who now calls her boo “baby”.

Ultimate Love
Ultimate Love

The “X-Party” almost ruined the groove in the Bolar (Bolanle and Arnold) bond as the “third party” certainly shook some tables. The brief discord occurred at a time when the couple were getting closer after weeks of seemingly unending argument. They have, however, reconciled and are buzzing as the fire of love has been rekindled. Unlike other couples, Bolar seems not to have an issue of relocation as Bolanle has agreed to relocate to Lagos. 

The Jaykech (Jay and Nkechi) train has been moving smoothly but recently hit a brick wall in the past two weeks. Arguments about sex, church and tithing have brought some strain between them, but words from Nkechi’s parent-figure have seen her make peace with Jay, who has despite being romantically inexpressive, also decided to pay more attention to his partner’s feelings.

For Chivia (Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia), things have been going smoothly. The couple, who both came in after the show’s start, have grown to like each other. They have put behind them accusations of plastic display of affection and have been unrestrained in showing how thrilled they are in each other’s company, with the highlight being the big kiss at the dining table. Apart from disagreements about relocation and early bath, the couple hasn’t had a major quarrel, with Sylvia already stating her desire to bear her boo’s surname.

No couple has attracted as much controversy as PreshDavid. The pair became the early target of their fellow Love Guests after David Wilson ditched Rosie for Presh Talker. The couple then began to have their own challenges, particularly dealing with pressure, abandoning meals and determining who is right or wrong in an argument. They have however bounced back and look to be ironing things out, with David Wilson stating it is marriage to his partner is only a matter of “when”.

MiCherry evicted from Ultimate Love
MiCherry evicted from Ultimate Love

The adventure of Double Chris (Chris and Chris Ville) in the Love Pad has been a fascinating story. The couple were paired after Chris’ previous partner, Uche, surprisingly checked out from the show. There appeared to be no connection between both individuals, who looed like they were just jogging along. This necessitated intervention of Aunty, who counselled them on how to make the relationship work. The words seem to have worked magic as Chris and Chris Ville have become inseparable.

Bonding is not the only development on Ultimate Love, which has delivered a string of other interesting activities. PreshDavid reclaimed the Love Nest earlier this week as they won the weekly challenge after the observant David Wilson recreated Presh Talker’s appearance on a mannequin. The couples have also participated in tasks such as the re-enactment of the Oba of Benin’s coronation and the Nupe traditional day, cooking of a northern Nigeria delicacy and developing their vocational skills through pottery (making of a mini-clay pot) and raffia basket.

This week also witnessed the introduction of the couples’ games in which two couples are asked questions about their partners. Roskie came out tops in the maiden game as they got all their questions correctly while IykeResa failed only one.

Also, such a populated place such as the Love Pad is not, however, complete without commotion. Jay and Arnold have been having some friction between them over nominations, and this began last two Sundays ago when the former nominated the latter. The ‘favour’ was reciprocated last week by Arnold and the two former buddies have suddenly become enemies, thereby forcing Aunty to intervene after Jay’s letter. It is hoped that the two folks will indeed reconcile.

Fans of the show will find out which of the love guests can provide Naija’s most enchanting love story yet and emerge as the ultimate couple, claiming the grand prize totaling N5 million, a lavish traditional wedding and a dream home, only by staying tuned to DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29.

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