Ultimate Love: Top 3 favourite couples

Drama, love, heartbreaks, and love-ships continue to stir excitement for viewers of the new reality TV show, Ultimate Love two weeks after it kicked off.

Earlier in the week, the love guests were asked to select their top three love guests that would be their pair. On Sunday, February 16, 2020, the couples were then paired based on their selections.

It has been almost a week since the pairing and here is a list of our top three favourite couple

First on the list is the youngest couple in the love pad, Iyke and Theresa “Iykeresa”. Viewers cannot get enough of the love and chemistry between the couple as they publicly show affection and make plans for their future. Iyke further showed his support and protective side when he jumped in to defend his other half when she had a confrontation with Chris, another female love guest. These two were paired based on their mutual attraction for each other. Iykeresa is a perfect combination of beauty and brains and they continue to win the hearts of viewers across the country and their relationship is beautiful to witness.

Ultimate Love favourite couple

Michael and Cherry (Micherry) are another widely loved couple. Michael and Cherry picked each other during the one on one session with Aunty and eventually got paired together. This couple continues to give viewers chills as their relationship has been very physical and their connection is undeniable. We see a lot of cuddling and kissing and teasing as these two love birds cannot get enough of each other. Viewers continue to ‘ship’ this pair hard as they continue to show “relationship goals”

The third most favourite is Obichukwu and Ebiteinye. This pair, ObiEbi have found their way into the hearts of the viewers. Although their relationship started rough with a lot of tears for Ebi, this soon turned into something joyful. When you talk about a match made in heaven, Obiebi comes to mind. They have decided to curb their physical attraction and focus on learning about each other while in the house. This has warmed the hearts of many viewers as it is perceived that Obi respects Ebi and is willing to remain celibate till marriage. The couple ensures they have their prayer time every morning. This lovely couple complement one another in more ways than one and what stands out is the smiles they bring to each other’s faces.

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