Wahab touches Dodan Barracks, Shoreline Estate, Parkview Estate 

In his continued efforts at tackling potential flood risks in Ikoyi, the Lagos commissioner for Environment & Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, through his official X handle, has shared updates on the recent assessment of flood-prone areas in the upscale neighborhood.

Wahab revealed that the assessment included visits to prominent locations such as Dodan Barracks, Shoreline Estate, Parkview Estate, Banana Island, and their environs.

The focus of the inspection at Dodan Barracks was to evaluate the level of compliance regarding the removal of structures obstructing the water collector and the clearance of drains. He expressed his commitment to ensuring a robust drainage system and flood prevention measures in the area.

Following the assessment, Wahab took decisive action by instructing the enforcement team of the ministry to serve a stop-work notice. This was coupled with the removal of illegal structures that posed an obstruction to the drainage systems along the inspected axis.

“Yesterday, we assessed some flood-prone areas in Ikoyi. We visited Dodan Barracks to inspect the level of compliance on the removal of structures blocking the water collector and clearing of the drains.

“We also visited Shoreline Estate, Parkview Estate, Banana Island, and the environs to inspect the drainage system, after which I instructed the enforcement team of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources to serve a stop-work notice and removal of illegal structures obstructing drainage systems along the axis,” he wrote.

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