Wife, NGO seek reparative justice for slain Nigerian in the UK

A Non-Governmental Organization, LoveAfricans Organization, and Obameriata Ogboru have revisited the killing of Frank Obameriata Ogboru, a Nigerian in the UK. 

The renewed calling for justice is against the backdrop of the worldwide protest tagged #Blacklivesmatter#, to fight for justice for slain African American, George Floyd in the United States.

With the backing of Ogboru’s widow, LoveAfricans Organisation is spearheading the call for justice for the slain Nigerian national from the South-South state of Delta. 

The fresh campaign is labeled #justiceforogboru#.

Already, the organisation recently petitioned on behalf of the wife and family, the Southwark Coroner’s Court for a copy of the inquisition/record of an inquest, seeking justice for Ogboru.

Frank Ogboru, 43, a Nigerian businessman, who was in London on holiday in September 2006, was sprayed with CS gas and pinned down after a minor row. CCTV footage captured him losing consciousness after screaming: “I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.” and was declared dead at the hospital.

Witnesses said officers had their “knees and feet” on him as he “wailed like a dog” The CCTV footage continued to show four officers were physically on top of Frank, with another looking on. Crucially, one officer placed a knee on the man’s neck for a prolonged period and despite Frank no longer struggling, none of the officers seemed to notice he was not responding.

Ogboru’s widow, Christy reportedly said in an interview: “I am crushed. I put my faith in the British system to give me justice but it has failed me. Frank was not a criminal. He did not deserve to die in the street like an animal.”

“We have received massive support and cooperation from some foreign countries’ ambassadors (including Ghana, South Africa, and Angola) in the UK in the fight against racism and discrimination of Africans in China and other countries”, Dr. Martin’s Abhulimhen, president, LoveAfricans Organisation UK, said in a statement released during the week, adding that the organisation will pursue late Ogboru’s case, legally,” till we get justice for the young family he left behind as well as restore hope in the hearts of Africans worldwide.”

Abhulimhen, in pursuit of the issue, paid a visit to Hassan Omar Attar, Chairman Rolex Saudi Arabia, and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland Jeddah Saudi Arabia, in London. 

Attar expressed his love for Africans even as he praised the work that the organisation was doing especially in the fight against discrimination of Africans by the Chinese government among others.

Love Africans Organization is a non-governmental organization registered in the UK, that is passionately involved in providing care and support to vulnerable Africans around the world as well as providing for them, economic empowerment.

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