Wyze is set to release ‘Popping Bottles’

In a move aimed at establishing his budding music career, Nigerian singer, Salaudeen Ayodeji Lukmon, aka Wyze, will be releasing his latest single ‘Popping Bottles’ to the delight of his teeming fans.

The artiste says that the track, whose production was handled by one of the acclaimed producers in the Nigerian music industry, Jaypizzle Production, is from the future.

According to Wyze, who says he is inspired by art itself and everyone who does great music, ‘Popping Bottles’ is a danceable track which fuses pop culture and his storytelling abilities to produce what will become one of the top-charting songs of 2022.

He said; that because of my background, I have come to identify hard work as a recipe for success. That is what ‘Popping Bottles’ is all about. Against what people think, at some point in the struggle, we need to relax, let loose and just have fun. That is where my music comes in.”

Born July 12, 2003, in Idumota, Wyze grew up in places like Ikorodu and Ajegunle, Apapa Lagos. He Attended Model Nursery and Primary School Ikorodu, Livingstone Model College and Sagab College where he was able to get a quality education.

As a singer, recording artist, and writer, he started making music while he was still in secondary school. Back then, he used to write songs for his peers. He created a group with his friends and later went on to name it YBAG.

In 2010 he grew more interested in music stopped writing songs for his friends, started recording his own songs in Dimex Studio back then as an independent artist, released “Turn up” and instantly it became an anthem in the hood.

He is currently signed to Anca Records.


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