You got it wrong on Funkẹ Akindele By Adebisi Ọlanrewaju Olukọga

The attention of our families; Awofusi Descendants Family and Keji Ọdọfin Royal Family was drawn to the publication in the media(not The Guardian) on July 6, 2022.

This deserves my prompt response adequately, as the Olotu AWOFUSI DESCENDANTS FAMILY. The publication has grossly affronted the two families.
I, Prince Adebisi Ọlanrewaju Olukọga; the Olotu of Awofusi Descendants Family, hereby deemed it fit to respond and correct the misgivings in the narratives given by you Ọtunba Ayọdele Ẹlẹshọ, Agba Akin of Ikorodu, on behalf of His Royal Majesty, Ọba Kabiru Adewale Shotobi, Adegorushẹn V, Ayangburẹ of Ikorodu Kingdom.
Be it as it may, Kabiyesi was correct in denying any relationship with Funkẹ’s mother, because, her mother is not an indigene of Ikorodu; But it is pertinent to state unconditionally, and with due respect; His Royal Majesty WAS NOT RIGHT to have denied her father, Late Very Reverend Godwin Olusọji Akindele, and by extension her daughter, Funkẹ Akindele, of the royal blood of Lasunwọn and indigene of Ikorodu, believing Kabiyesi to still be in unobtrusively denial of the Royalty of Lambo Lasunwọn Genealogical branch of the great Lasunwọn Royal Family, our ancestral family route.
Funkẹ’s father, the Late Very Reverend Godwin Olusọji Akindele, has the ancestral backing of both Awofusi Descendants Family and Keji Ọdọfin Royal Family of Lasunwon Ancestral lineage and therefore, challenging this incongruity stating further that Late Ọba Afọlabi Salawudeen Oyefusi, Oguntade II, Radẹmọ, Ayangburẹ of Ikorodu Kingdom 1971–2014, to which the monarch privileged him (Late Very Reverend Godwin Olusọji Akindele), to have superintendent over schools within Ikorodu division, especially being an indigene are: (1) Lagos State Model College, Igbokuta, Imọta, Vice Principal; (2) Kẹmẹ Balogun Secondary Schools, Ibeshe as Principal; and (3) United Senior High School, Ikorodu as Principal, where he eventually retired. He was also a Rev. in Patriarch Mobọlaji Methodist Church Ikorodu Diocese.
Furthermore, Funkẹ as an indigene of Ikorodu Kingdom was a recipient of the prestigious FELLOW of the IKORODU OGA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (IKODASS), in 2010 as Ikorodu Citizen’s Role Model Award. Consequently, the family deduced the denunciation of her indigene of Ikorodu to a political undertone as tenets of undemocratic tendencies, which is a recipe for dirty politicking. After all, in the doctrine of democracy, there should be freedom of speech and freedom of association. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any need for her persecution for her political proclivity. Aside that, Funke Akindele has distinguished herself as an actor of international repute.
Thus, the Awofusi Descendants Family and Keji Ọdọfin Descendant Royal Family would highly appreciate the rectification to Funkẹ Akindele the Ikorodu Citizenry Rights, the refutation that was somehow peddled through the Ikorodu Division Youth Voice and the Gazelle News of 6th July 2022 from where the story originated by publishing a rejoinder clearing the misconceptions’ issue, as well as the social media houses that circulated the story.
Long live Keji Ọdọfin Royal Family; long live Awofusi Descendant Family, and long live Lambo Lasunwọn Royal Family. And long reign the Monarch Ọba Engr. Adewale Shotobi, Adegorushẹn V, Ayangburẹ of Ikorodu Kingdom.

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