Youths pledge to buy Tinubu’s presidential nomination form ahead of 2023

A group, Nigerian Youths for Tinubu, has declared its support for the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, and promised to purchase his presidential nomination form.

According to a statement on Monday, the convener of the group, Idris Aregbe, disclosed this while speaking with journalists in Lagos.

He said, “Nigeria needs a trusted and reliable visionary, who feels the pain and anguish of the people and is capable of making life better for us. I do not think there is any as qualified as Tinubu today, and that is why we are behind him and ready to purchase the presidential nomination form for him.

“We are convinced, going by his track record as a progressive, about his victory and that informs our decision. Besides, it is also a way to stamp the legitimacy of youths on the presidential election process and we shall further ensure rigorous involvement of youths in the Tinubu presidency.”

Aregbe added that the former Lagos State governor laid a blueprint for the state, hence the reason for their support.

“As a builder passionate about infrastructure, the former Lagos State governor not only laid the blueprint for infrastructure development of modern Lagos, but also ensured the productivity of the state. Today, Lagos State remains a model amongst other states in the federation owing to the golden era of development ushered in by the Jagaban,” he said.

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