5 details about ‘Parasite,’ the Best International Feature film at Oscar 2020

‘Parasite’ has emerged the Best International Feature film at the just concluded 2020 Oscars.

The film has become one of the most important feature films Nigerians want to know about after winning the award category. 

In 2019, Nigeria’s first submission for an OSCAR nomination, ‘Lionheart’ was disqualified for not having 70% of the country’s indigenous language.

The disqualification saw the film and it’s maker, a debutante director, Genevieve Nnaji, getting local and international media mentions.

A few months after the media frenzy, ‘Parasite’ has won the highly covetous award for moviemakers outside the United States of America.

Here are 5 details about the parasite which you should know   

  1. ‘Parasite’ is a feature film from South Korea
  2. The film is directed by Bong Joo Ho and has a running time of 132 minutes (2hrs 12minutes)
  3. The film expended a total budget of  $11 million(₩13.5 billion) and ‘Parasite’ made a total of $167.6 million
  1. The main themes of ‘Parasite’ are class conflict and social inequality. A family, through the son, finds their way into working for a rich family and taking up the jobs of several domestic staff. Everything went wrong when the former housekeeper found out the plan and decided to open up to the rich family.
  2. ‘Parasite’ won the awards for ‘Best Picture,’ ‘Best Directing,’ ‘Best International Feature,’ and ‘Best Original Screenplay’ categories.


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