9ice speaks on the people he has met in his life

9ice is warming up to releasing a new album in 2020 after his well-publicised wedding and he shared some of the things that distinguish him from his peers.

So, I ran into 9ice recently inside the lift of a top night club in Ikeja, Lagos.

The 40-years-old singer was in the company of his friends and business associates but he recognised me when I joined the lift and we got talking.

Minutes after our conversation, the singer had invited me to his friend’s birthday party happening at the venue.

9ice says he values his relationship with everyone he has met.

Despite the loud music blaring from the big speakers at the VIP section of the night club, we got talking and he shared some information with me.

So, I wanted to know more about his personality and how he has been able to manage fame, and weather the storm in the music industry for the past 10 years.

Looking fresh and bright, the gangling musician spoke with all sincerity while oozing out humility with every word that came out of his mouth.

9ice, who many now refer to as Ancestor, told me that he cherishes people more than wealth.

9ice says he’s working on some new music projects.

He noted that his appreciation of individuals that he has ever come across in life was responsible for his lines in the collaboration effort with Junior Boy called ‘Irapada’.

9ice went on to explain that over the years, he has found out that one will never run out of people if you value the relationship you have with those people but it’s possible for anyone to run out of wealth or other material things.

He went on to tell me that is why he appreciates the people he has ever come across either fan or family.

9ice also told me he is working on many songs and some will be dropping soon with pictures and music videos.
He also shared some of the music videos he will be releasing soon saying his fans should expect more music from him in 2020.

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